About Us

LAMPCC is the first and only completely online psychological testing center in the Philippines.

Established by Dr. Lorgene A. Mata, RPsy in 1986, LAMPCC is the first and only psychological e-assessment center in the Philippines, with over 2,000 clients served for the past 35 years.

We provide the most convenient, fastest, totally reliable and most valid online psychological assessment of personnel in all manpower levels in business and industries, from managerial to skilled, using Dr. Mata’s original MCAPES online e-software.

More than twenty (20) expertly constructed and validated, norm-based LAMPCC tests of mental ability, special aptitudes and personality can be taken conveniently online by employees and candidates in all manpower levels while at work, on the go or at home, using their I-phones, laptops, desktops or any modern online devices.

Through the use of our LAMPCC processing software, their test data are compumetrically scored, interpreted and integrated into a 2-3 page narrative PDF psychological report indicating their overall suitability for the position, which is emailed to clients within 1-2 hours.

Critical for hiring, job placement, training and promotion, salient input from our unified and integrated psychological test reports can help you determine the most suitable candidates for any and all job positions.

35 + years in the business
14 position-anchored test batteries
22 specialized psychological tests
0 + client companies served